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Silver Creek and Seamans' Orchards, Inc.
5529 Crabtree Falls Hwy
Tyro, VA 22976
TEL: 434.277.5824
FAX: 434.277.9057

Silver Creek and Seamans' Orchards, Inc.
Telephone: (434) 277-5824
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Silver Creek and Seamans' Orchards, Inc.

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In 1959 Silver Creek Packing Shed was started as a packing facility for Silver Creek Orchards and Lea & Seaman Orchard. The founding families were John T. Morton, Silver Creek Orchards; and Alton R. Seaman & Joyce Seaman, Lea & Seaman Orchard. The packing facility became Flippin-Seaman, Inc. in 1974. At that time, the families involved in the packing process were the George Flippin and Alton Seaman families. Eddie Seaman was in charge of the packing end of the business, while Bill Flippin (Silver Creek Orchards) and Richard Seaman (Seamans' Orchard) were involved with the orchard end of the work. Today, Bill Flippin, Frosty Flippin, Richard Seaman, and Anne Kidd run Flippin-Seaman, Inc. Bill and Richard oversee both the packing end of the business, as well as their individual orchards. Bill has the help of his oldest daughter, Ruth Saunders, and her husband, John Saunders, in running Silver Creek Orchards. Richard has his nephew, Carter Parr, and his daughter, Anne Kidd helping with Seamans' Orchard. Over the years The family members operating Flippin-Seaman, Inc. have changed, but the great pride in providing our customers with the finest apples remains the same.


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